Hard journey through life

As life keeps going struggles start increasing.i am a student of tenth std.today is the last day of my school.i am going to miss my friends.they are all moving far to other schools.

I still remember those beautiful days when we splashed water and played.those days when we danced during special classes.we learnt together,played together,ate together but now I am sitting alone in my dark room and my darkness is more visible in the dark.

Peers have an important role in everyone’s life and in mine too.tears flow out from my eyes.i am out of control.i could only write as i am speechless right now.

I miss my lovable friends on this lovable day.why should this happen?i want a pause button in my life to pause with my beautiful memories…

I cant forget that tight hug you gave me when we parted.i donot know if I will get worthier friends later.i never want to miss u guys but 😢 its time to move on.what to do?

I love u forever guys.every thing that I see remembers me a beautiful memory and opens the dam in my eyes.

That day We tied all our hairs into one single plait.it was as thick as our bond of friendship.

There are no words to express our love.


Miss u all……….


I guess This will be a turning point in my life.



A teacher who changed my life

Man of math and a humancalculator.king of kindness and my favourite teacher too.raja Lakshman sir.one who made me to love math.an excellent human being too.he spent his valuable time with us to make our Life valuable.this shows his selflessness.he also expressed his humour sense which gives life to our math class.he has influenced all my classmates.he also taught me the difference between fear and respect. There are no words to tell how good he is as a teacher.he is a flawless teacher.

Road accidents

I just want to show my concern about road accidents.

The deficiency of the 3Es- education for road users, engineering of roads and enforcement of traffic rules has led to the fourth E-the end of life.

People think that the speed of a vehicle thrills but they have forgotten that it also kills.

I came across a barricade with an awesome statement “donate blood to the hospital’s not to the roads”.

It is really 💓 heart touching right.

I wish these road accidents must soon end up.